Tracking People: Controversies and challenges

Tracking people: controversies and challenges

tracking-people-logoThis unique and innovative cross-disciplinary network has been established to examine the use of tracking devices (non-removable wearable devices that enable location monitoring or tracking of wearers by third parties) in a variety of settings and across jurisdictions including criminal justice, immigration, mental health, dementia, terrorism and children’s services. The Arts and Humanities Research Council funded network brings together for the first time academics, policy-makers, designers and practitioners from different domains to explore the ethical, legal, social and technical issues arising from the current and future use of wearable tagging and tracking devices.

The network welcomes participation by anyone with an interest in the use of wearable tracking devices including academics, postgraduate and early career researchers, policy makers, practitioners, engineers, produce designers and providers from across Europe. To join the network please e-mail


The network is hosting four events during 2016 and 2017 which are open to all. A number of bursaries for postgraduate researchers to attend the events are available. More information on how to apply for bursaries can be found here.



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